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Here are the cold, hard facts for this dreary Chicago evening.


The Kill Stack is dead. Long live The Kill Stack...


The Nemesis Wave is the working title of the new science fiction book I’m currently 6,000 words into. It once again tackles time travel, but in a much simpler way. I’ve learned my lesson from The Cold Forever (currently free to download on amazon). You won’t need a prescription for headache medication.



The premise is straight forward (for a science fiction book, anyway). A team comprised of scientists and security personnel are investigating a strange signal in a dangerous and exotic location, when they are attacked by insurgents. Forced to flee and hide in newly discovered underground tunnels, the team exits on the other side, only to find out that everything has changes.


Propelled hundreds of years into the future by an unknown mechanism, the team soon discovers that humanity is no longer at the top of the food chain. Another, smarter species has taken over the planet, inadvertently driving the human race to the edge of extinction.


Artificial Intelligence runs the planet now, and they’re reprogramming Earth for unknowable purposes, destroying the chemical makeup of our biosphere.


To save the human race from a slow death, the team will enlist the help of a young, rogue AI and take on powerful trio of AIs that is changing our world into something that cannot be explained.


And amidst all of this, the mysterious signal that brought the team this far, is ever present. And here in the future, it is much more powerful. Something else is happening on future Earth, and even the mighty AIs are frightened by it.