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I used to love going to see movies in theaters when I was a kid. I just couldn't afford it all the time. Ironically, now that I can, I loath to do so.


It's just become too hard. I love movies. I just don't love the people that go to see them. Constantly talking. Checking their phones. Inevitably sitting behind me, when the entire theater is empty. Seriously, backward hat-wearing guy? Seriously? 


I've got stories. Many of them. Bad ones. Horrible ones. People getting kicked out. Teenage drama. Phone LED light fights. Not as bad as some of the ones you hear about, mind you. You know the ones where people get shot or stabbed for talking? Not as bad as those. But bad enough. I just go to the really big ones, now. And very late at night. A lot of the times, by myself. 


The stuff I write about or read can be traced back to the shows and movies I used to watch as a kid. I'd say the majority of the movies were definitely science fiction, to the surprise of absolutely no one. Robocop. Terminator. Blade Runner... 


That's some pattern right there, kiddies. You'd think I liked robots, or something.




I'm going to list some of my favorites here. Let's do it in a fun way. Let's put some new twists on these ancient classics, courtesy of the great artists of YouTube. Let's put up some modern trailers for our modern sensibilities.


I mean, what can be said about this treasure, that hasn't been said all ready. Here comes Bruce Lee. The legend. His big time arrival in America, though he'd been here for much longer than that. It's a bit dated, though you can't tell from the modern trailer above, but if you are a fan of martial arts movies, this is where you start. 



There would be no Matrix, no Ghost In The Shell, no diving into the computer, without the original Tron. It doesn't hold up well, for those who were born beyond the 90's. But man is it important in the grand scheme of things. It looks amazing, considering where movie making tech was back then. It just looks like some kind of  an avant-garde painting.



What would be amazing, if the creators of this movie went back and used modern day CGI to replace the old CGI. This movie is fantastic. The pacing is perfect. Who among us as kids didn't dream of being whisked away into the stars to fight an alien armada. I believe this movie was one of the first times full CGI was used instead of models. It shows, but it retains a certain charm because of it.



Blade Runner. This movie hasn't aged one bit. From the score, to the editing, to the acting, to the special FX. Everything still looks great. Some people call it a bit slow. Nonsense. It's pacing. Deliberate. It's not an action movie, though there is action here. It's not a detective story, despite the NOIRish tone. It's not a love story, though it certainly feels that way, a lot of the time. It's not any of things and it is all of them.


Check out the rest in my playlist of modern trailers. I didn't create them. They are as amazing as the movies they promote.