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Greetings, Starfighter. 


No, that's not right. That's a blog for a different night. An 80's night.


I'll keep this short and to the point, then. I'd like to start a book review swap program for indie authors.


Sometimes getting that first or second review for your recently published book seems impossible. I've had the fortune in people giving me some awesome reviews. And I appreciate the hell out of that. But as I'd mentioned in my previous blog entry, waiting for a review feels like torture. 


So I propose a swap to you, indie author. You give me your book. I give you mine. We read 'em. We review 'em. We post 'em. Ain't a thing wrong with that. After all, what is an author but a reader with high aspirations and delusions of grandeur. Mostly the later.


If that is something you, as an indie author, would like to participate in, head over to the Beta Review Swap Program page and gimme a buzz. 


Next blog will be more inclusive and more fun. I promise!