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I write with music. Music is always present. What kind of music is playing, is always dependent on the type of story I'm writing. The Cold Forever I wrote with ambient music, such as Carbon Based Lifeforms, between my ears. The Kill Stack I'm writing with Jazz... 


I love music. Back in 1999 I downloaded a software synthesizer, on a whim, called TS-404. I had no music abilities, outside of the one trip to a violin teacher, back when I was incapable of crossing the street by myself. That musical rendezvous produced absolutely nothing. 


So I taught myself how to use TS-404 and how to create some... well let's just call it avant garde music. It wasn't really digestible, per se. Here's one that I'm only 99% embarrassed by:

I know, I know... amazing, right? How can someone be so young and so good, you're asking? I mean, if you're asking that, you're clearly tone deaf. So, stop it.


Back then I would write maybe 10 songs in one week. 100% garbage, all of them. But eventually, I'd upgraded my software, gotten a keyboard and taught myself a few things here and there. These are the results.


That last one? I was coming to that. That's the official score/soundtrack to The Cold Forever. Something I was working on in parallel with writing the actual book.


I'm influenced by a lot of stuff, when it comes to music. New Order, Daft Punk, Smashing Pumpkins... look. There's a lot of stuff that's floating around in my head. I urge you to go and have a listen. I don't think you'll be disappointed, and if you are... well it can't be helped that you don't like good music.

I'm just kidding.