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For a while there, after I'd finished writing The Cold Forever, I was working on a sequel. I'd outlined the plot to an absurd degree. I'd created new characters, and fleshed out characters that were spoken of, or seen very briefly in that book. I'd even toyed around with some potential titles. 


  • Beyond The Missing Stars
  • Beyond The Missing Time
  • Beyond Forgotten Futures
  • Beyond The Missing Sky
  • A Beacon From The Deep
  • A Beacon From The Dark


There were a lot of "beyonds" there... It's a work in progress, all right?


Anyway, I'm not writing that book right now. Right now I'm writing something else. I took a left turn. I got the inkling at some point, that perhaps I don't want to just write science fiction. I love science fiction, and I will write more of it (maybe that sequel, eventually). But why not tackle a different genre with each new book?


This time around, I wanted to write something funny. Something funny and vicious. Vicious, funny and brutal. I love stories where a character gets in way over his or her head and overcome tremendous odds.




This time around, a young man falls out of favor with a new Las Vegas mafia boss. And shit just kind of rolls downhill from there. Now he has to track down a huge stash of poker chips, dodge mafia hitmen, a dirty cop and his own rotten luck. On the way he makes a friend, and the two amigos dive deep into a seedy world of criminals, fast cash and... well you get the idea. 


In the coming months, I'll talk more about my inspirational materials for this project, share some insights into my writing process and other such behaviors. So stay tuned. I'm hoping to make this into a regular thing.